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Collapsible Euro size Box 800x1200 h950 mm for Heavy Duty with 4 windows 3 skids
Collapsible Euro size Box 800x1200 h950 mm for Heavy Duty with 4 windows 3 skids
Collapsible Container EuroBox 800x1200 mm 950 high has 4 windows or 2 2 Door to opening. Fit for rack. Fit for HandLift Fit for MachineLift or ForkLift Strong and tought Plastic walls. Easy to collapse Heavy Duty Box, returnable.
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The Collapsible Container EuroBox stacks securely when full and folds when empty for return trips, allowing for more containers per truck when compared with fixed-wall gitterboxes. With its all-plastic design, it features a tare weight less than metal bins, so trucks will efficiently cube out before weighing out because of heavy packaging. Its 1200mm x 800mm x 950mm footprint makes it ideal for sequencing parts, as well as right-sizing part shipments for line-side assembly and work-in-process operations. The Collapsible Container EuroBox was designed to better protect and transport parts in global automotive and industrial applications by eliminating the need for steel stillages, gitterboxes or wooden crates commonly found in automotive/industrial packaging systems. The innovative three-runner base design allows the EuroBox to fit into current supported racking systems or automation systems that are currently standardized on the European 1200 x 800 footprint. The runner%u2019s double-wall construction was designed to withstand impact from fork trucks, while its two-snap engagement ensures secure runner-to-base connection. Featuring a best-in-class 900 kg weight capacity designed to replace steel box or gitterboxes Ship more of your product per return truckload by offering a lighter tare weight and heavy-duty collapsible design %u2014 ship 272 collapsed Collapsible Container EuroBoxs versus 78 non-collapsible metal bins. Excellent interior access and greater ergonomics for operator safety, with large access doors available on up to four sides. Reliable part quality and plant cleanliness, with all-plastic material that is easy to clean, won%u2019t rust and prevents metal-on-metal part damage. Strong handling performance, with a double-wall, three-runner base that is fully repairable.
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