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Great professionals are always seeking online outlets to advance their domain expertise, craft, and career. Thanks to Pallet's partnerships with the most prominent knowledge-givers and community orchestrators, you get to meet them.

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Samuel Hall
Product Manager @ Patreon
Lenny Rachitsky
Lenny’s Talent Collective
Endorsed By
+4 Others
James Collins
Front-end Engineer @ META
Pragmatic Engineer
The PE Talent collective
Endorsed By
+2 Others
Anna Pine
UX Designer @ Pinterest
Designer Talent Network
Endorsed By
+5 Others
Communications built on trust

Community leaders personally reach out to every lead you'd like to meet.

When you want to chat with a candidates on Pallet, they'll receive an email from their community leader— capitalizing on an existing relationship of trust and admiration. And the results speak for themselves.

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Curated from every angle

Senior Product Designer
Remote - 150k
Josh Peters
Product Designer
Sourced from Not Boring Collective
Alexandra Cassidy
Product Designer
Sourced from Lenny's Collective
Spencer Cook
Product Designer
Sourced from Pragmatic Engineer
Gaby Stallworth
Product Designer
Sourced from Femke's Collective

With Pallet, you receive candidates from a host of relevant communities, all in one feed. With every new community that signs up, another pipeline is added to the ecosystem— all for you to leverage.

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