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Introducing Talent Collectives

March 9, 2022
Alessandro Russo

Building New Pipelines: Introducing Pallet Talent Collectives

They say there is strength in numbers. If that’s true, the numbers boasted by existing recruiting platforms  — LinkedIn, Indeed, et al — should be proof of unparalleled recruiting strength. 315 million jobs posted every year on Indeed. 20 million open jobs on LinkedIn. Hundreds of millions of monthly visitors, hundreds of millions of resumes submitted — sounds like a thriving ecosystem, right?

Not exactly.

With such a large amount of companies and candidates living on one platform, an overwhelming amount of noise eliminates the potential for nuance and curation. All profiles are bundled into a singular database, waiting to be surfaced by the right recruiter keywords. Candidates without  “shiny” resumes have no way of standing out from the crowd, while those with more traditionally valued credentials are pummeled with a mountain of spammy job offers.

Today, Pallet announces an alternative: Talent Collectives.

Talent Collectives are collections of people open to new opportunities, sourced from online communities and curated by community leaders. Rather than having millions sign up for the same free-for-all, Talent Collectives organize, democratize, and decentralize the hiring process. Recruiting has been using the same pipelines for the last twenty years - it’s time to create new ones. Pallet is here to create talent pipelines that are aligned with the communities people spend time in, that recognize that individuals are more than just their resume, and help bring back trust to an industry that sorely needs it.

How Talent Collectives Work

Just like our Job Boards, Pallet Talent Collectives are set up by online community leaders, like Femke, Sahil Bloom, and Lenny Rachitsky. Where businesses populate Job Boards with open roles, community leaders populate Talent Collectives with community members open to new opportunities.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Community leaders invite awesome people in their network or audience
  2. From the applicants, they curate a group of high-quality talent
  3. Talent Collective members create talent profiles, indicating whether or not they’re open to new work
  4. Businesses request access to the Talent Collectives, paying via a monthly subscription - although they have to get approved by the community leader as well
  5. When businesses see a candidate they want to chat with, they can send an intro request which gets forwarded to the candidate by the community lead
  6. If the candidate approves the intro request, they begin a separate email exchange with the business

So, when a company wants to add a product manager with 5+ years of programming experience and familiarity with design practices, rather than posting to millions on LinkedIn, they would tap into the spaces where these people hang out online (namely, in Lenny’s Newsletter).

For candidates curious about new opportunities, they can get directly connected to companies trusted by their community in a private setting, on their terms.

If you'd like to to hire from Talent Collectives, you can do so here.

Reasons to Believe

Early results have been incredible. In the month since we’ve began beta testing, Pallet has connected hundreds of amazing people have been connected to companies looking to hire.

What’s behind the early results? Three core components make the recruiting experience on Pallet Best in Class.

  • Two sided curation: Collectives are curated on both sides of the market. Community leaders vet and approve both candidates and recruiters. That way, everyone with access to a particular Talent Collective has received the community leader’s approval, facilitating an atmosphere of mutual trust.
  • Warm intros: Nobody on Pallet is blindly reached out to - your inbox is safe with us. Instead, candidates can field introduction requests sent to them by a community leader that they trust. This leads to much better outcomes for both candidates and recruiters, and more than half of the introduction requests on Pallet lead to conversations.
  • Privacy focused: Candidates on Pallet can choose to remain anonymous. Because they’ve been vouched for by their community, a recruiter still has enough information to determine if it might be a good fit. This means that many candidates on Pallet are only searching on Pallet. Many members of Talent Collectives are senior executives / leadership at large scale companies - and a recruiter has the privilege to reach out to them before the rest of the market knows they are leaving.

Today - we officially announce Talent Collectives to the public. Tomorrow - our vision is to build a world that values people outside of the five former employees they have on their resume. As the cliche goes, talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not.

But it can be.

Build the right pipelines and any connection is possible.

If you'd like to to hire from Talent Collectives, you can do so here.