Talent Collectives Create Warm Intros

March 3, 2022
Alessandro Russo

For recruiters and businesses, it's essential to stay top-of-mind with high-quality talent. But it's not easy.

For companies who can't afford white-glove recruiting firms, talent engagement depends on a lot of hustle — cold DMs, sponsored ads, even inventing your own engagement channels. What happens when time is of the essence — when you're in hypergrowth mode, and you can't afford to wait for all that hustle to pay off?

The Solution: Community Driven Hiring

Community-driven hiring means tapping into highly engaged, passionate digital communities congregating over a common professional interest. Online community leaders have spent years cultivating a broad base of users who keep coming back because they believe in the community's principles and ability to deliver them value. By curating community members who are open to work in Talent Collectives, they've done 95% of the work it normally takes recruiters and businesses to reach the right candidates.

Talent Collectives consist of the members of a given community open to new opportunities. They're curated by community leaders who review every application (hundreds, in the case of Femke) and accept by self-decided metrics. In some cases a Talent Collective may only be for senior candidates in a given community, in other cases, it's an open application to anyone who's open to work. Then, community leaders make those candidates available to business subscribers through regular talent drops. A talent drop is simply a cohort of candidates who are open to new conversations.

Four Key Advantages of Community-Driven Hiring

  1. Pre-Market Talent. Communities are often the first to know when someone has left a job or is just at the start of their search. Members of Talent Collectives usually haven't signaled they're open to work anywhere else across any of their publicly available online profiles. Subscribing to a Talent Collective gives you unrivaled access to pre-market talent.
  2. Engaged Talent. The most experienced (expensive) recruiters are prized not for their salesmanship but for their rolodexes — their ability to get in touch with great people, fast. Talent Collectives enable this kind of fast, high-quality access by leveraging relationships community leaders have spent years building.
  3. Higher Response Rate. When you see a candidate you like in a Talent Collective, you can request an introduction. Intro requests made on Pallet have a 50% acceptance rate — nearly double the outreach response rate on other top recruiting platforms.
  4. Qualified, Hand-Picked Candidates. Communities built around a professional niche attract passionate thought leaders who engage in order to build their intellectual capital. In many cases, a core tenant of the communities existence is career advancement. The community leader is often an industry expert themselves, who have a natural desire to bolster their own reputation through great talent recommendations.

For more qualitative insight, here's what Max Ruderman, COO of Harmonic Labs had to say about his experience with Talent Collectives: 

"What an awesome recruiting channel — within a couple months of being part of Collectives we've already made on hire we're thrilled about, and have a couple other fantastic candidates deep in the pipeline. Can't recommend this enough." 

Ready to take advantage of community-driven hiring? 

Pallet provides 1:1 support to all businesses looking to access the right Talent Collective. You can start with the Pallet Discovery Tool or schedule a call. Whatever your hiring needs, we've got a Collective for you.

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