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Pallet Collectives are communities' opportunity to shine a light on their members, allowing them to directly connect with leading businesses hiring in their niches.
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How it Works
Invite Only, by Design

Community leaders invite awesome people in their network or audience to join their collective.

The best are handpicked

From the invited candidates, the community leader curates a group of high-quality talent.

Talent fills out profiles

Members create profiles, indicating past experience and whether or not they’re open to new work

Access Granted

To get access to a talent collective, businesses have to request access, paying a monthly subscription to the community if they get approved.

Warm Intros > Cold Outreach

When businesses see a candidate they want to chat with, they can send an intro request which gets forwarded to the candidate by the community lead.

Off to the Races!

If the candidate approves the intro request, they begin a separate email exchange with the business.

For BUsinesses

Cut through the clutter

Jump to the bottom of your hiring funnel with Talent Collectives. We connect you directly to top tier candidates recommended by the communities they're a part of before they've put themselves on the market.

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Samantha Loren
UX Designer @ Pipe
Lenny Rachitsky
Lenny’s Talent Collective
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+5 Others
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Samuel Hall
Software Engineer @ Coinbase
Lenny Rachitsky
Lenny’s Talent Collective
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+6 Others
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Josh Duhamel
Product Manager @ Rap Genius
Lenny Rachitsky
Lenny’s Talent Collective
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+2 Others

The best companies are already hiring from talent collectives.

Industry leaders like Sahil Bloom, Gaby Goldberg, and Lenny Rachitsky have been leveraging talent collectives to facilitate over one thousand first round interviews between members of their community and leading businesses like Dropbox and Shopify.

For Companies

Cut to the bottom of your funnel

Stop wasting your time hunting with cold dms. Leading businesses like Shopify, Slack, Coinbase, and Dropbox all use Pallet’s community network to help reach out and make confident hires.

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FOR talent

Jump to the top of your game

We built talent collectives because, honestly, wouldn’t it be easier to get that dream job if you had a stamp of approval from an industry leader on your resume? You deserve the best options, let’s go get ‘em.

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