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Sahil Bloom

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Lenny Rachitsky
Featured role of the day: Product Manager at @Onfrontiers

"You'll have the opportunity help build a world-class knowledge management SaaS platform that adds agility and efficiency to enterprise level organizations."
6:52 PM · Nov 29, 2021
Sahil Bloom
Crazy new job board opportunity!

Chief of Staff @hyper_ 

As @Austin_rief said, this is one of those “drop everything and apply” type roles.

Work directly with @_shahedk @dcurtis @joshbuckley on building a new future in venture capital. Rare opportunity.
11:17 PM · Sep 10, 2021
Big Bankless Job of the Day

Community Ecosystem Lead at @dydxprotocol

Responsible for:
- Setting up dYdX Community Manager and Ambassador programs

- Lead user engagement on social platforms such as Discord, Twitter, Intercom, and Telegram

- More 😊
7:04 PM · Nov 30, 2021
femke 💛💙
.@brilliantorg are looking for a senior product designer to help build immersive, yet scalable interactive tools for learning and teaching math & science

Brilliant makes learning STEM fun, through problem solving and interactive exploration.

Apply at 👇
8:15 PM · Nov 23, 2021

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