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If you’re in growth mode, you need great people yesterday

Great people aren’t easy to find and relying on your own connections only gets you so far. Pallet taps into online communities to give you the best chances at hiring top talent.
Lenny’s Collective
Experienced, product-minded people, at your fingertips.
The Collective
90+ Product Managers
90+ Startup Operators
50+ Growth Marketers
20+ Data Engineers
15+ Software Engineers
The Not Boring Collective
Hire directly from the best of the Not Boring audience.
The Collective
80+ BizOps People
60+ Product People
25+ Sales People
20+ Marketers
20+ Software Engineers
Gaby's Web3 Collective
Gaby's prominent web3 community, hungry for exciting opportunities.
The Collective
80+ Product People
50+ Software Engineers
50+ Marketers
40+ Sales & Partnerships
30+ Creative
Old Girl's Club Collective
Source from OGC's community of highly experienced women in tech.
The Collective
50+ BizOps People
35+ Marketers
20+ Designers
20+ Creative People
15+ Software Engineers

How it works

Spotlight taps into our Talent Collectives — curated talent marketplaces hosted by online community leaders. Pallet hosts dozens of Talent Collectives, consisting of more than 5,000 high-quality candidates.
Senior Product Manager
San Francisco · $150k
Senior Product Manager
Remote · $150k
Senior Product Manager
New York City· $180k
Jordan Wilson
VP, Product @ Seed-stage startup
Sourced from
Lenny's Collective
Heather Peters
Product Manager @ Public company
Sourced from
Old Girl's Club Collective
Jenny Wilson
Product Manager @ FAANG
Sourced from
Not Boring Collective
Jenny Wilson
Director of Product @ Series B startup
Sourced from
Gaby's Collective

What you get

Think of Spotlight as a primer for Pallet’s suite of recruitment tools. Use it to find and subscribe to Talent Collectives and/or post jobs directly to Job Boards.
Dozens of high-quality candidates every month before the rest of the industry knows they’re on the market.
Access Pallet’s private network of collectives and over 5,000 talent profiles
We provide 1:1 support to our partners, helping them refine and fulfill their hiring goals
Community-based hiring gives you exposure to thought leaders in your niche, adding credibility to your brand
Pre-market Talent
Talent Collective members aren't usually browsing job sites, meaning you won’t see these people anywhere else

Community-driven hiring

Intro requests made via Talent Collectives go through the community leader — capitalizing on an existing relationship of trust and admiration. And the results speak for themselves.
Average response rate
Average acceptance rate
Jenny Wilson
VP, Product @ Seed-stage startup
Request Intro
James Morgan
Data Scientist @ SpaceX
Request Intro
Alise Finnegan
Data Scientist @ SpaceX
Request Intro
David Sheffield
Data Scientist @ SpaceX
Request Intro
Talk to Jenny
Message from Google
Hi Jenny! We love the work you’re doing and we’d love to talk with you about a role at Google X
Request an Intro
New intro request from Google
Hi Jenny, Lenny here with some good news. Steven Jones at Google has reached out and is interested in chatting with you. We’ve attached his message below.
Hi Jenny! If you're open to it, let's chat about open opportunities at Google.
I'm not interested
I'm interested

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